Smart Waste Management Solution


We know that India is facing a serious garbage problem, daily we are producing around 3% of the garbage produced by the world. It can affect and destroy air, animals, plants, and affect the entire environment.


To handle this waste, we still need to find the right & efficient technology to properly collect and transfer it to the disposal/ recycling plants   for its removal & disposal.

For overcoming the garbage collection problem in a very high efficient manner serrates Marcom with the collaboration with M/s. Saur Eparkis propose a “Smart Dustbin”.

This smart dustbin has built-in waste compactor mechanism which reduces the space occupied by the garbage to make extra room for adding more as well as curb nuisance such as rodents and smell. This mechanism helps to increase its use to 4 times from its normal usage.

Garbage Level Monitoring: The level monitoring system continuously keep on watching the level of garbage inside the bin and whenever the level crosses the threshold limit it sends the signal to the control system to trigger compactor mechanism, the compactor mechanism compress the waste up to its maximum limit.

The control system collect the data from the level monitoring system and keep on updating it on to the servers and helps the waste management companies to plan accordingly.

Once the bin is full and waste level can not be compressed further then control system close the lid and sends the alert to the server for replacing it.

Compactor Mechanism: Generally, the waste dumped into the dustbins occupies more space than its actual volume and dustbins appears to be filled completely.

Our smart level monitoring system continuously sense the level of the container and trigger compactor mechanism to reduce the space occupied by the waste by compressing it and produce more empty space.

Once the garbage level crosses the maximum limit sensed by the sensing mechanism it sends the signal to the controlling system which activate the compactor mechanism.

´Collection Optimization: The Intelligent Monitoring System sends the location of the completely full bins to the server which are ready for the waste collection. This system also helps to optimize their route for the collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.


´Communication: One can control the system and get desired data from the system through the cloud based solution installed into it. This system communicates with the server through cloud and send the following information to the server:


Control system collecting the real time data of the Container from the Ultrasonic & other sensors, & send it to the central server for monitoring using a GSM modem. It can be configured to send the time-based data collection information & also alerts (if any).

Remote Controlling Parameters/ Data/ Information:

qCurrent status of the garbage level.

qCollection alert if bin is completely full

1.Geographical location of the system.

2.SMS Alert for the garbage collection (Optional).

3.Force trigger of the compactor mechanism of the dustbin.

4.Break Down Alert


´Reducing frequent pickup of garbage approximately reduce by 8 times. Means saving on manpower and transportation.

´Smart Dustbin comes with ad. Space of 840mm x 500mm  on four sides which can attract the advertisers all through.

´Future Ready: Large numbers of bins are installed in an Area or City/ Town and the same can be used to collect different type of city related data like pollution, security etc. at closely spaced locations. This dustbin offers different modules which can be added later to the existing units to make it more versatile. For example:

  1. Pollution Level Monitors can be attached to get the descriptive data on the existing servers and helps to reducing pollution significantly.

       2. Smart Street Lights can be controlled by installing a small addon card and reduce the electricity wastage.

         3. Security Cameras can be installed on each bin and live footage can be streamed to make the city more secure.

          4. In case of emergency anybody can use the call out button to send the SOS message to the respective agency through the nearest bin.

         5. It can sense presence of human and blink and display message to ensure its use.